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God of the Repeat

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In the year of 1849, brave men and women from all over the world came to find fortune in the western region of present-day California. By the hundreds these 49ers as they are now called, nestled into mountainous areas in an attempt to try their luck at finding the next substantial gold discovery. One individual… View Article

Still in Style

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Have you ever lost an article of clothing, only to find it several months later? Whether deep in the confines of your closet, in the laundry, or a friend “borrowed” it for a few days which turned into months. After that time period is over, and you finally recover what was lost, all is great… View Article

Mental Overload

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  As I stood in line at what is widely considered to be the go-to sentimental gift store, also known as Things Remembered, ready to purchase what would be the first Christmas gift I would ever give to my wife, it was evident to those standing around me that something was off. I’ve never been… View Article

Hot off the Press


At the start of the new calendar, my friends and I select a word or the year. This I chose… Read More

A Lesson to Learn

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Update Required

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I am old enough to have seen some progression in this realm. My… Read More

Guard the Deposit

Growing up in the 1990’s, my generation was introduced to several brand-new cartoon series that captivated our attention. Cartoons such… Read More
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