Healing in the Silence

Posted by: in Editorials, Uncategorized on May 24th

When was the last time that you sat in absolute silence? No music playing, no podcast talking in the background, not even your prayers filling the air. 

Silence is something that many people struggle with. I have learned that all that “stuff” I put on for “background noise” is a form of distraction. That noise often begins to take the place of God in your mind. 

With this, we can also become out of touch with the people around us. Nothing says leave me alone like a pair of headphones, right? 

Many of us are trying to escape. Escape a past of pain. Escape the awkwardness of having a conversation with a stranger. Escape the worry about what the future holds. Comas are a body’s defense mechanism, but we have become masters of existing in this state. To the point that when we have to face anything remotely hard or uncomfortable our bodies begin to panic. We don’t know what to do with that panicky feeling so we put our headphones in and enter the nothingness again. 

If we continuously drown out the sound of who we truly are then how can we heal? 

If we constantly choose to listen to our headphones instead of the people around us, how can they be healed? 

This isn’t a process that we can do on our own. Doing it alone is like allowing a two-year-old to do brain surgery. The idea may make you laugh, but it is true. We are not equipped to do the work in solitude. The good news is, we have access to the one who knows all about healing. 

Jesus endured loneliness, isolation, mocking, and so much more. He can empathize with where you are and because of that, He can gently begin the process of restoration. It might still be uncomfortable. It will still require patience, but in the end, you will find that it was well worth it. 

So turn off the music. Turn off the podcasts or whatever your numbing agent of choice may be. Tune into God. Tune into his healing presence. Allow His love to begin to reach into those places where you are wounded. God loves you and wants to be your Healer.



Akilah lives in South Dakota, where the winters are cold and the summers are beautiful. She works in a one-room school teaching kindergarten through 8th grade. In addition, she works alongside her husband to help minister to the children and families of Watertown, SD. In her spare time, she enjoys taking her dog for walks in the country and curling up with a good cup of tea and an even better book.

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