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What’s On Your Mind?

Posted by: in Uncategorized on April 29th

I recently took a break from Facebook. I just needed some time to reconnect to other things. When I hopped back on, I could not read beyond one of the first questions we see on our feeds: ‘What’s on your mind?’ I sat there for a moment and thought about what really was on my… View Article

Beautiful Attitudes

Posted by: in Uncategorized on March 14th

One of Jesus’ most influential sermons, taught on a mountainside to a pressing crowd, is recorded in Matthew chapter five. Speaking to a people submerged in a culture saturated with deception, immorality, and friction, Jesus’s seemingly antagonistic wisdom set an ageless standard. Knowing the source of the struggle to be the war against principalities, powers,… View Article

Hot off the Press

The Necessary No

Have you ever had your heart set on something in such a way that you thought hearing “No,” would absolutely… Read More
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