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Testimony of a Servant

Posted by: in Uncategorized on October 16th

At the beginning of 2020, a few of my friends and I picked a word to live by for the year. The word I had picked was servanthood. I was unsure how I’d fulfill that role and even had thoughts of doubts a few weeks later after selecting my word. But I had already committed… View Article

Drawing From the Past

Posted by: in Uncategorized on September 24th

“I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old .”   (Psalm 77:11). A story to build faith in God is one of David. It has a unique perspective and illustrates how we must never discount things that happen in our lives; they happen for a reason. By… View Article

Tripping over the Dog

Posted by: in Uncategorized on September 6th

  Let’s be honest. Everybody’s done it. I was carrying a large load of laundry in both arms from the bedroom on the 4thlevel of a split-level home, all the way down to the 2ndlevel. Easy enough, yes? No. While I was maneuvering my way down the steps, I decided that counting the steps would… View Article

Keep the Fire Burning

Posted by: in Uncategorized on August 16th

  In 1885, the first furnace was invented and installed into a home. This furnace replaced the wood-burning stove, which was the primary source of heat used in homes. Before these furnaces came into being, there were only wood-burning stoves, and they were the sole option to stay warm while inside. The difference between the… View Article

Hot off the Press

Where Were You?

Yesterday I watched a documentary on the History Channel with live footage of the horrendous attacks that occurred on September… Read More
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