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How God Gets Our Attention

Posted by: in Editorials on June 2nd

There are many things people don’t know about the Bible. This is due to the major lack of thorough teaching and education of biblical literacy in our world. Similar to how many people are scared to talk about their vulnerabilities and mistakes, many have overlooked the challenging moments and weaknesses of people in the Bible…. View Article

Freedom of Speech

Posted by: in Editorials on February 10th

We walked by that sick person…again. We felt to pray for them, but we hesitated. What is that secret ingredient that bridges our obedience to the call we feel to make a difference in our world? Many times that ingredient is boldness. Oftentimes, we think boldness is merely represented by being loud, demonstrative, and fearless…. View Article

Hot off the Press

The Gardener

When I was in elementary school, each grade from kindergarten to the fourth grade was required to participate in the… Read More

Life is Hard

I’d like to share a vital, though somewhat unpleasant life lesson with you.  I’ve no desire to be a doomsday… Read More
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