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Imaginations of Faith

Posted by: in Editorials on August 20th

  Throughout the entire Bible, you will notice how important Abraham is to the Lord. Abraham has quite the story and is a beautiful example of how God can be glorified even in the most dysfunctional family backgrounds. Here are a few mentions regarding his family. Abraham’s father and brother died at younger ages. Abraham’s… View Article

The Momentum of a Squirrel

Posted by: in Editorials, Uncategorized on July 23rd

  I was sitting in front of the window at a friend’s house this morning—watching as a squirrel was playing in a tall tree. I watched as he would run out to the tippy-top branches, playing with the dead leaves, leaping from branch to branch and swinging downward with ease. Either he didn’t notice or… View Article

The Cost of Freedom

Posted by: in Editorials on July 2nd

As independence day rolls around, everyone is celebrating in different ways. All across the United States, American people are celebrating our freedom holiday. From cookouts to swimming, to all things red, white, and blue, we’re able to bask in what we know to be one of the best things to happen in our country. A… View Article

Hot off the Press

Youth Day 2021

  The Youth Day service at General Conference has always been one of the more anticipated services of the week.… Read More

The Good Shepherd

Shepherds are a special, gentle, and patient type of people. Psalm twenty-three paints a picture of the Good Shepherd.  The… Read More
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