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Posted by: in Sheaves for Christ on October 10th

Announcing the 2014 Sheaves for Christ Offering: $3,892,876.22! Represents the 4th largest offering in SFC’s 63 year history! Represents the largest SFC ojffering since 2002! Represents a $325,793.78 total dollar increase (9.13%)! Represents a combined total increase over the past three years of $851,470.55! 39 districts reported an increase! 10 districts set an all-time giving… View Article

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He Chose Not To

Around this time last year, right before the pandemic wrecked travel plans, I took a trip to New Jersey to… Read More

Why Missions?

  Why Missions? This is something I have been asked often, in America and abroad. The questions usually follow the… Read More
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