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What’s Love Got to do With it?

Posted by: in Uncategorized on February 23rd

During this month, I can’t help but think of that scene from Sesame Street where the camera centers up on Oscar the Grouch in his dirty trash can.  He says this (read this in your best Oscar the Grouch voice): “Okay, listen to this.  Everyone on Sesame Street is always talking about love…YUCK!”  For some,… View Article

A New Way

Posted by: in Uncategorized on June 23rd

  Imagine with me a land that is carpeted with one field after another. As you drive down the road you see field after field. Some are destined to be corn fields while others will be bean fields, but it is too early to tell what the fields will be for it is still early… View Article

Exceptional Love

Posted by: in Uncategorized on June 10th

In his book, Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson (lawyer and social justice activist) recalls a memory from his childhood when he was “about ten years old.” Stevenson relates a particular day when his mother took him to a church service. Afterward, as he stood outside of the church building talking with his friends, one of them… View Article

Is God Love?

Posted by: in Uncategorized on September 18th

  Relationships are something that everyone seems to strive for. From the time a baby is born, a mother works to build that loving relationship. You see her awake during the early hours of the morning comforting the child. To the older couple sitting and having coffee together at the start of the day, to… View Article

Hot off the Press

In My Crocs Era

If you’re on social media, then you know that the “In My Era” caption trend has become extremely popular. When… Read More
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