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Ask Jesus

Posted by: in Editorials on July 21st

  The term “Ask Jesus” has changed meaning almost overnight. Used to, it meant that a person would ask Jesus literally. In Christianity, it’s called prayer, which happens in the name of the One prayed to. Used to, asking Jesus occurs in the form of a bent knee, a confession of our inferiority to His… View Article

Considering Bible College

Posted by: in Editorials on December 10th

For years we have heard it, Bible college is not for everyone. I tend to agree; Bible college is not for everyone. It is, however, for some. It is for the young people, (and sometimes older people) who feel a specific call to ministry. Or, maybe it is for those who are unsure what they… View Article

Hot off the Press

The Gardener

When I was in elementary school, each grade from kindergarten to the fourth grade was required to participate in the… Read More

Life is Hard

I’d like to share a vital, though somewhat unpleasant life lesson with you.  I’ve no desire to be a doomsday… Read More
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