An Interview with the Alphins

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One of our talented writers, Savanna Donaldson, took some time to interview Chase and Ariel Alphin, youth presidents of Nebraska. Read on to see what they had to say. We are so thankful for the men and women of God who have answered the call!

Savanna: Who are some influential people in your circle?

Ariel: The Barcus’s were very formative during my school years. The preaching of Pastor
Mooney, Pastor Carson, and Bro. Barber, my youth pastor, shaped me into who I am today. The
teachings of Jen Mast and Bro Killmon at IBC brought richness to my study of the Bible.

Chase: The most influential people are my Pastor Jonathon Haygood, my father, and both sets of
grandparents. Also, my former pastor and his wife, Bro. and Sis. Crum.

Savanna: When did you feel the call of God?

Ariel: In seventh grade, my relationship with God became personal when I committed to daily
Bible reading. I attended the Ascend Student Convention and was refilled with the Holy Ghost.
Ever since then, I’ve just continued to develop my walk with God. At IBC, the Lord began to
shape me for the ministry He was calling me into.

Chase: There was not a specific moment in my life where I felt the call of God, but I’ve never
doubted the call. I’ve always known.

Savanna: Do you ever feel intimidated being young?

Chase: Yes, every time I step up to the pulpit, but I do not let it affect me. It is challenging
ministering to anyone, much less people older, but Paul said our youth should not be used as a
crutch. Wisdom and experience are valuable tools. In fact, the Scripture says that a bishop should
not be a novice. However, no one is called to minister primarily from personal experience.
Wisdom gained through life experience is great, but wisdom received from intimacy with God
and His Word is FAR more valuable. Walk humbly but with boldness.

Savanna: What advice would you give people who feel a call of God?

Ariel: I think the biggest advice is to stay in the Word; God will speak to you through His Word.
If you are ingesting His Word daily, you will not have time for the junk of the world. I would
also say to young people who are pursuing the call of God, you cannot be afraid to be separate.
We are the called-out ones. We are a chosen generation.

Chase: Pursue the Fruit of the Spirit, not the gifts of the Spirit. Gifts are received without any
labor, but fruit must be cultivated. (It is the fruit that makes us most like Jesus.) We must always
remember that the ministry is God’s gift to the body of Christ, not the other way around. Being
on a platform, preaching at a conference, or ministering in a public setting – this is 1% of
ministry. Is it an important (and fun) part of ministry? Absolutely. But where we are defined,
refined, and anointed is in the private, intimate, deeply close moments we share with God.

Anointing, burden, and ability come from an altar of sacrifice, suffering, and steadfastness. It
might not sound fun, but you will look back and realize that you are where you are and who you are
because of God’s kindness.

Savanna: What warnings would you give this generation?

Chase: First, don’t rely on somebody else’s experience with God. We have to know this Gospel
for ourselves. Secondly, just because someone is in church doesn’t mean they’re the right person
to marry. God has the right someone out there for you. Trust God, trust your pastor, and trust
your family because there is safety in a multitude of counselors. (Ask me how I know.)

Ariel: Young people need to walk daily with God. God is looking for moments where he can
connect His Word to your life, and where He can connect you to Him. Bro. Barber taught my
youth group that the American Church follows the trends of the world. One of the biggest issues
that I foresee for the young people of the Church is the feminization of men and the
masculinization of women. The Bible is very clear that there are distinct roles for men and
women. We have to embrace Christ over culture. Our world needs Jesus more than they need us
looking trendy.


Savanna is a lover of springtime, coffee, books, and food. She has her B.S. in Nursing from Indiana University and a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Indiana Bible College. She attends Calvary Tabernacle where you can find her serving on the Welcome Team or Calvary Store, singing in the choir, or worshipping in the pews. She loves to use the power of words to reach and empower this generation.

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