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Beautiful Attitudes

Posted by: in Uncategorized on March 14th

One of Jesus’ most influential sermons, taught on a mountainside to a pressing crowd, is recorded in Matthew chapter five. Speaking to a people submerged in a culture saturated with deception, immorality, and friction, Jesus’s seemingly antagonistic wisdom set an ageless standard. Knowing the source of the struggle to be the war against principalities, powers,… View Article

The Illusion of Normalcy

Posted by: in Uncategorized on January 28th

Our world and culture seem fixated on setting a standard. Our sciences, our studies, our practices are all based on an idea we’ve labeled as “normal.” You hear it in the phrases, ‘the average household’ and, ‘the average woman’ or ‘the average man’. And it works. We can tell how much of this we’ll need,… View Article

Running to Obtain

Posted by: in Uncategorized on October 14th

The success of running is rooted in one’s purpose to train. Any person who has determined to run a race of any distance understands that there must be a plan in place if they are to finish, much less finish well. If there is an attempt made without that foundation, the end result is sure… View Article

Hot off the Press

In My Crocs Era

If you’re on social media, then you know that the “In My Era” caption trend has become extremely popular. When… Read More
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