Working with Wounds

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If you are going to live any amount of time in this life, you will be wounded. You may either inflict yourself with a wound, or someone or something else may hurt you. Wounds in our spirit, soul, and body may vary in size or depth, but it is important to know how to deal with them.

The Lord showed me a vision of a wound recently. I saw an individual picking at a gaping wound in their arm that was becoming a scab. They frequently picked at the scab until it was no longer there, and their arm would begin to bleed again. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Those that reopen wounds before allowing Me to completely heal them, treat their healing process like someone who keeps picking at their scab. Blood keeps being drawn, and life exits them at the memory of their pain, sorrow, or wound. Theirimpatience causes them to tear away at what God wants to solidify. 

So, their scab lives longer than it needs to.  
It lives so long they think I am no longer healing them. But what I solidify, produces healing. Continuing to reopen the wound is called living with offense. Therefore, the same Word from God that was supposed to heal them now hardens them.

Throughout the life of Jesus, He told His disciples to guard how they heard. This means that we can self-inflict pain with a Word from God that was supposed to bring healing to us.

If you touch a healed wound, you will notice that it is soft just like the surrounding tissue. A truly healed wound does not hurt when it is touched. This is called a scar.

Thomas, the disciple of Jesus, knew the power of bearing scars. In John 20, when Jesus resurrected from the dead, He visited His disciples to verify His power to them, but Thomas was not present. The disciples told Thomas that he missed seeing the resurrected Jesus and Thomas responded, “Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe.Jesus had nails put into His hands and a spear thrust into His side. Thomas pointed out each part of Jesus’s body that would have a scar from when He was crucified, and he knew that seeing the scars would confirm the miracle of the resurrection. Thomas knew that scars could tell a story that the disciples could not. The scars of Jesus would confirm to Thomas that God would not only save a human from death and the grave but would give them lasting evidence of their miracle.

Many times, believers do not understand the power of showing scars of what God has healed them from. Now it is also important to understand that we should not show “scars” that are still unhealed wounds. This can be a gruesome and dangerous act in the natural, to expose our gaping wounds to people who are not medical professionals. In fact, we risk infection and bleeding on others. People do this spiritually, though. They recount and reopen wounds that God is healing and slow down their healing process. They end up involving other people in their unhealed wounds and drain the atmosphere of spiritual edification because they cannot get over what others in their past did to them. We must guard ourselves in these situations because people can drain us of spiritual life and energy because they’re losing theirs from the countless times they’ve reopened their wounds. Yet, we must also be careful to let the Lord completely heal us of our wounds so we do not get spiritually infected and hurt others in our own healing process.

God wants us to effectively manage wounds, by partnering with Him and seeing people wholly reap the benefits of the gifts of healing. Pray to the Lord to help you discern how you handle your own wounds. But also partner with the Lord and pray that He would help you help others find proper healing with the wounds they deal with.



Hector Robles hosts a podcast and bible study channel by the name of Sparrow.Podcast. On a weekly basis, you can find new content regarding the Bible and ministry. He lives and works as an engineer in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Savannah and they gladly serve at Calvary Apostolic Church.

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