Who is your Pastor?

Posted by: in Editorials on May 28th


It is not a new trend for the world to challenge and criticize the role that a pastor fills. It goes back to the days of Joseph, where the Bible states “every shepherd is an abomination unto the Egyptians” (Genesis 46:34). The enemy hates biblical leadership because a pastor will help guide you toward the Savior. The devil knows that if he can sabotage your view of your pastor, he can change your thinking and lead you astray. 

Do you consider the person who ministers on Sunday mornings a pastor or do you paint them in a negative light as one who pesters you? Is their voice viewed as a blessing or as one who adds baggage? A healthy relationship with your pastor is not based upon agreement as much as it is upon submission. We can know if we are truly submitted to our pastors when we start to seek change, even when we don’t always feel comfortable. Submission often begins when agreement ends. Often times our pastors can see things we cannot. Your pastor is there to guide you and help you through things you may not understand. 

If the enemy can’t remove the pastor from your life, he’ll try to get you to remove yourself from your being close to your pastor. He can try and cause division and distrust. He will try to make you believe that your pastor does not actually care and attempt to make you closed minded.

It would be as if you were stuck in a downpour of rain and someone came to you and held an umbrella up, but just because you didn’t like the way it looked, you chose to stay in the downpour. Your pastor has your best interests at heart and cares about you, even if you do not always like the way it is going. He is there to protect you from the rain and shelter you in ways you cannot on your own. 

Our generation must take on the challenge of submitting and trusting our pastors. With their guidance, protection, and prayers, we can be empowered to make a difference. We must keep our spiritual senses sharpened because the enemy will try ANYTHING to sabotage our view of our leaders. He will try to get you to a place where it feels like your pastor is pestering you instead of pastoring you, and he will even try to push you to a place where you wrongly feel like he is causing grief instead of being a guardian. 

The truth is, having a pastor, who is a fallible human enables us to grow in humility and maturity because we are submitting to someone who is like us and makes mistakes. They are not perfect but they are submitted to God and we should remain submitted to them. When we do these things, we see God’s anointing beyond human appearance.

I challenge you. If there is something you are seeking from God, discuss it with your pastor. He cares and he wants to pray with you about whatever concerns you. Pastors are there to help us and lead us closer to Jesus. 


Hector Robles is your friendly neighborhood South Florida native. On a weekly basis, he writes for HectorMRobles.com and is the host for Sparrow.podcast, a podcast that discusses subjects related to faith, the Scriptures, and ministry. He’s glad to inform you that you likely don’t know of anyone else that writes their “5’s” from the bottom.


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