Walking with God

Posted by: in Editorials on May 22nd

What we’ve heard about God wanting a relationship with us is more real now than ever. If you were used to just visiting God instead of walking with Him, you have felt the great effects of the pandemic on our world. But if we awoke to the revelation that God wants to walk with us, we would prosper during this time.

Although, we could ask ourselves, “What business does the almighty God have walking with a human being? Wouldn’t the human being just slow God down?” It’s a valid question. Yet, He still desires to walk with us. Job and David asked a similar question in Job chapter seven and Psalm chapter eight, “What is man…that You should set Your heart upon him?” and “What is man, that You are mindful of him?”

It is an astounding truth that God wants to be everywhere with us. In the Old Testament, the Lord did not instruct Moses to build a stationary place for relationship between God and mankind. He did, however, instruct Moses to build a portable place of relationship, which was the tabernacle. Even before the tabernacle instructions were given to Moses, God met people wherever they were, as long as they made themselves available to hear from Him.

When God came, He did not stay inside of a synagogue expecting people to come to Him. He went amongst the people. They called Him Emmanuel, which means God with us. God’s instructions to Moses demonstrated how God wanted to have mobility amongst His people. He wanted to walk with His people. Why is this so important?

Later on, we see that Solomon ends up building a temple dedicated to the Lord. This meant that the tabernacle, that portable place of relationship, had become stationary and the presence of God that traveled with them was now being housed in a stationary place. The temple was man’s idea, while the tabernacle was God’s idea.  The stationary place was man’s plan, the portable place was God’s plan. While God did meet people in great ways at stationary places like altars, synagogues, and the temple, He never restricts Himself to a stationary place.

We are learning in a major way that Jesus is not only accessible during a church service inside a building but in so many other ways. We can experience Him Livestream, in a prayer meeting, or another church event. He wants to be everywhere with us because of His astounding love for us.

One great difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament can be wrapped up in one word, mobility. A relationship with God that is confined to a stationary place greatly limits our experiences in God, but a relationship with God that is portable is one that always accesses the supernatural. God doesn’t just want visits, He wants a walk. He wants consistency no matter where we are. God told a prophet named Amos that in the last days, He was going to restore the tabernacle of David, not the temple of Solomon (Amos 9). This means He wants to walk with us. This prophecy began its fulfillment in the New Testament through the Church (Acts 15). God inhabits believers by way of the Holy Spirit and as we grow in our connection to God by way of His Spirit, wherever we go, God’s presence goes. That is the great power of being a part of God’s kingdom in the New Testament, we represent the portable place of relationship.

If we have learned anything in this time, it is that God is awakening the tabernacle of David through His Church. We are opening our eyes to the access we have to His abiding presence, no matter our location.


Hector Robles hosts a podcast and bible study channel by the name of Sparrow.Podcast. On a weekly basis, you can find new content regarding the Bible and ministry. He lives and works as an engineer in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Savannah and they gladly serve at Calvary Apostolic Church.

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