Heaven Is Home

Posted by: in Editorials on April 30th

What’s home to you?

Let’s make it plain. The people of God never get too comfortable living in this world – and frankly, they were never meant to fit in either. If we truly are children of Abraham by faith, as we read in the New Testament, we ought to live how he lived. How was that? Well, Hebrews 11 says that Abraham lived like a foreigner, lived in tents, and looked forward to a city with eternal foundations, designed and built by God. This man must’ve looked crazy going about everywhere, having tons of money, servants, and a personal army – all the while making over fifteen stops over a span of 100 years following a promise from God. Looking at his life with a temporal perspective just makes him look like an indecisive nomad. Abraham could make any city his home and he had so much favor with God and man, people tried to give him free land. Why wouldn’t Abraham just settle down?

Because it didn’t cost Abraham anything.

Abraham settled in his mind on not settling for what this world had to offer. He recognized that the riches of the natural man fade very quickly. We can’t take any gadgets, phones, social media profiles, degrees, clothes, cars, and materials of this life into the next one. Though the world has “much to offer,” giving our souls to trends and gimmicks robs us of our sense of heavenly significance.

We don’t belong to this world. Jesus made it very clear that we are IN this world, but not OF this world. Do we live like it, or is our sense of significance tied to natural things?

Let’s remember that the Bible says “our citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20 NKJV). Do we really believe that? In heaven’s citizenship, there isn’t a democratic, republican, leftist, or nationalist party. Yet, our generation is being pulled in every direction to pick sides in a world that’s plagued with the circus of politics and fake news. Are we being pulled in heaven’s direction, though? The rest of that verse in Philippians says, “from which we eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Imagine being at the end of a long exam day, and waiting to be picked up by your parents to go home. All of your classmates are gone and your parent texts you, “I’ll be there shortly.” I would be on the edge of my seat, just READY to leave those school grounds. Do we wait in the same manner for the second coming of Jesus?

Friend, He’s still coming back.

And what if your parent starts taking a little longer than you expected because they’re hitting red lights on the way to your school? Are they a liar or are they truly still on the way?

Just because some circumstances cause a delay, doesn’t mean the end result changes. The Bible says that Jesus is like a farmer that waits for a precious harvest (James 5:7). That’s you and me, and our school friend and neighbor, too. The New Testament Church EXPECTED to get picked up by Jesus Christ at the second coming. Do we?

The New Testament Church PRAYED for Jesus to come back. Just try blowing up the phone of the loving person that picks you up from school next time. They would probably drive more urgently if they knew you desperately wanted to get picked up.

Three times in the last five verses of the entire Bible declare an urgent prayer from the Church. That prayer is “come, Lord Jesus!” It’s the same prayer that would draw the urgency of Jesus to come back and it is the freshest thing Jesus wants on His Church’s mind – His arrival, our Home.

Hector Robles is your friendly neighborhood South Florida native. On a weekly basis, he writes for HectorMRobles.com and is the host for Sparrow.podcast, a podcast that discusses subjects related to faith, the Scriptures, and ministry. He’s glad to inform you that you likely don’t know of anyone else that writes their “5’s” from the bottom.


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