General Conference 2020 Youth Day Service

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The fire keeps burning on the last night of General Conference 2020 at the Passing the Mantle service. We honored our general youth president and general youth secretary for their powerfully faithful and faithfully powerful years of service in the General Youth Division. We are grateful for their service and look forward to the promises of God that will be fulfilled in our generation. The General Youth Division has now passed to the service of Michael Thomas and Jeremy Stafford and this generation is ready to take the whole gospel to the whole world. The ministry of the Word was brought by two men of God, James Wilson and Scott Graham, which illustrated the tandem efforts of a younger generation with the more seasoned generation. Their preaching partnership represented the flaming sword of God’s word and Spirit that is going throughout the whole Earth through both the younger and older ministers. Young ministers are following in the zeal and sacrifice of previous generations and we certainly heard from God on this night.

Bro. James Wilson shared a story on the Mann Gulch fire and ministered on the wildfire of sin that is going throughout the whole world and consuming the lives of people. Yet, he encouraged and urged this generation to remember that the fire that saves is from the power of the Spirit. We are called to go to our communities with the fire of the Spirit and bring revival to our churches and reap harvests in our world. We are only able to do this by the power of the Spirit and the Word of God. This generation may have newer technology and many talents, but our source is the same source that manifested in the book of Acts and that appeared in Topeka, Kansas. This fitly spoken word by Bro James Wilson showed how the Lord is releasing a generation to operate in the power of the Spirit and Word just like previous generations and greater.

Bro. Scott Graham, our General Secretary of the United Pentecostal Church International, ministered on the importance of following in the footsteps and fervor of previous generations. He illustrated how John and George, an older and younger soldier of World War I, help us to understand the responsibility and privilege that the younger generation has to walk into the same battlefield and war of previous generations. John died at the beginning, and George died at the end of World War I. Their fight illustrates the fight of good faith that we now take on as a younger generation. Paul wrote to Timothy to fight for the valuable things that pertain to God’s Kingdom. We have not entered into the ranks of this heavenly army in order to passively stroll through combat. We may have newer-looking weapons and methods than previous soldiers, but our biblical values and principles are the same. Bro Scott Graham shared testimonies about “Johns” of times past like Bro Jack Yonts and Bro Verner Larsen, that have the same apostolic nature as testimonies like that of Sis Cali, Sis Zoe, and Bro Hunter, who are present-day
“Georges”. We are walking into the greatest days of the United Pentecostal Church International, standing on the soldiers of giants that have gone on to their reward. The Johns of the UPCI can still be seen through the faithfulness, passion, and sacrifice of the Georges that are walking into schools, universities, jobs, and communities and turning them upside down with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the greatest hour of the Church and the current generation is walking and being taught in the mantle of previous generations.



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