86,400 Seeds

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Ever sow a seed to grow a plant? Notice how it just disappears behind a layer of soil to be hidden, until it’s mature enough to be seen? It’s fascinating to observe when you can see inside and above the soil at the same time. Check out “Bean Time Lapse” on Youtube and you’ll see for yourself.

Now imagine waking up every morning with 86,400 seeds in your pocket. Every seed represents one second of the day. So, about 23,000 seeds fall out of your pocket because you slept a bit over six hours last night and for the rest of the day you must give away your seeds to everything you give your attention to.

It’s a lot to keep track of, but you will quickly notice how only one-quarter of your seeds are left by six pm. You go to pull your phone out of your pocket, and like a rabbit inside of a magician’s hat, your phone is waiting for you inside of a sea of 14,400 seeds, representing the four hours you’ve been on your phone so far today – which is a conservative estimate.

If we stopped to think for a moment, every seed sown today is sown to a soil that is dedicated to growing that particular seed. Whether we want the seed to grow or not, what we continuously sow to, we will continuously reap from. We’ve got to ask ourselves the question: What have I sown to today?

Truth is, what you give your attention to effects you. Every second counts and every second is nonrefundable. It’s all invested into either one of two categories: the flesh or the Spirit. I know we could probably never imagine taking out the trash as sowing to the Spirit, but, while the trash will decay, the discipline doesn’t have to. We all wake up with the same amount of seeds in our pocket and if we took inventory of what we’ve sown, many of us would be shocked at how much time we’ve given to things that really don’t matter. Life consists of a daily 86,400 seeds that we’re sowing into one of two soils: the flesh or the Spirit.

The Scriptures make it clear in Galatians 6:8, “For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.” It’s impossible to sow a seed to the flesh and reap of the Spirit with that same seed, and vice versa. With every spiritual prayer you sow, everlasting life WILL be reaped. But with the carnal things that we occupy ourselves, there is only a harvest of corruption and decay.

It is disheartening at times to look back at my cell phone log to see how much screen time I’ve had and see that it has majorly overshadowed the time I’ve spent with the Lord. Have you checked your screen time lately? Let it settle in how much seed you’re sowing into that soil.

If we reap what we sow, then that means the fruit will lead to the root. If we have the fruit of depression, anxiety, fear, and victimization, we should be diligent to follow the branch to its root. Once we get there, we should ask ourselves, “How have I sowed to this soil and let this grow”?

Applying this practice in different areas of our lives will help us to bear the godly fruit the Lord intends for us.

All around us, the world calls us to sow seed into its field. The flesh kicks and screams and calls us to sow into its field. Yet, the Spirit calls us to sow into its field every day and God has a magnificent way of being able to produce much from little. One seed sown to the Spirit produces an everlasting fruit. Consider this, this life is the only chance we’ll ever get to sow seed to the Spirit while our circumstances can be falling apart. It’s the only chance we get to sow seeds of worship and prayer while we’re pressed for time in other areas. The next life will not be pressed for time. So I ask you: what are you sowing seeds into today?

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Hector Robles is your friendly neighborhood South Florida native. On a weekly basis, he writes for HectorMRobles.com and is the host for Sparrow.podcast, a podcast that discusses subjects related to faith, the Scriptures, and ministry. He’s glad to inform you that you likely don’t know of anyone else that writes their “5’s” from the bottom.


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