Youth Day 2022

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Disneyworld and Universal Studios were not the only Orlando locations drawing crowds last week. The Orange County Convention Center attracted an estimated 15,000 attendees for General Conference 2022. The UPCI infiltrated the area in the best of ways. Part of that mighty army was the youth and young adults who were eager to move the message and the mission.

The much anticipated General Conference Youth Day service was impactful, to say the least. Lawerence Trump, of Eureka, California, along with a great team kicked off the service with a Spirit-led worship set to help usher us into the presence of God.

Unconditional- Lawrence Trump

Mighty Fortress- Mark Crowder

Goodness of God- Israel & New Breed

Your Amazing Love- Frankie Taylor

Our general youth president, Michael Thomas shared with the congregation the results of the incredible Move the Mission offering total for 2022. It was the largest offering in the seventy-year history of this endeavor.

Together, you assisted in raising $8,323,872.97 

Thank you to all those who gave and spread the word. In addition to Move the Mission’s continuation in helping ministries such as Lighthouse Ranch for Boys, Bible Colleges, Tupelo Children’s Mansion, New Beginnings, missionaries, and many other ministries, we breached new territory. Move the Mission has not only put wheels and feet to reaching the world but, for the first time ever…

YOU have helped put WINGS ON THE GOSPEL!

The unprecedented offering amount helped purchase a plane that will enter into countries and reach those who need to hear the saving message of Christ. Thank you to all those who have sacrificed to make this possible.

We heard a special message and prompt about our calling to reach the lost by Bro. Darrell Bates. Darrell and his wife, Jessica have been married for thirteen years and adopted their baby girl Emma from New Beginnings in 2021. They have served as an assistant youth pastor and youth pastor in Jackson, Mississippi for eight years under Bishop T. L. Craft. During this time they served the Mississippi District as Sectional Youth Director, Youth Secretary, and Youth President. Currently, they serve as Student pastors at Parkway Church under Pastor Jason Dillon and are registered as an evangelist with the UPCI.

Bro. Bates drew our attention to Luke 11:40-44 as he reminded us that “The Mission is the Miracle.” Take some time to really think about a few of these important points from his message.

The world may be at its darkest, but God is still greater.

The darker it gets the greater the mission becomes. 

No matter how rough it looks in the world, He is still a miracle-working God.

God trusts your generation 

Stop looking for what you think the world has to offer. Seek the Lord and His kingdom. 

Souls are HIS mission 

The devil didn’t want you to get to this moment. 

Will you work when you won’t get recognized? If you have to be anonymous, will you still do the work? 

God needs you to do what you’re supposed to do. Don’t compare yourself to others.

There is a mission around you. There are places others can’t go that you can. 

Your pastor or favorite evangelist can’t walk the halls of your school every day. 

He’s not just a God who heals, but He is a God who restores.

Lazarus’ resurrection was a miracle, but God asked for some assistance from the people who were close to him.

You don’t have to do the miracle, you just have to do your part and let God do the rest. 

It took courage and selflessness to unwrap and loose him, but someone had to do it. 

God can do it on His own, but He asks for our help. 

Miracles always have a cost and call to action. 

Don’t miss the call if God because your ears are distracted by other things 

What’s YOUR mission look like?

Youth Day 2022 was a blessing. We are excited about what God is doing! If you would like any information about getting involved with Youth Ministries in ways such as P7, CMI, Move the Mission, Bible Quizzing, Writing for InsideOut, Apostolic Youth Corps (Missions), or our many other facets, please check out the website and reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

Remember, the Mission is the Miracle and you can be part of it!

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