Youth Day 2021

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The Youth Day service at General Conference has always been one of the more anticipated services of the week. While its name implies the demographic to which the service is tailored, as I looked around I was encouraged to see so many pastors and ministers there in support of Apostolic youth. It was a clear picture of Gods intention for His Church to be united across generational lines.

Service kicked off with Sis. Brittani Scott (Seattle, Washington) and her team leading us in anointed worship with a setlist comprised of songs written by Apostolic artists.

– Power in the Name, Draylin Young

– No Other God But Him, Angie Pearson

– Strong Tower, James Wilson

– Be Exalted, Brittani Scott

After the first worship song, our General Youth President, Michael Thomas announced what is the largest ‘Move The Mission’ (previously Sheaves For Christ) offering given in its 69-year history. With a 1.5 million dollar increase from last year, the total amount given to MTM in 2021 was $6,773,645.55.

As foreign missionaries and North American missionaries walked onto the stage, Bro. Thomas explained that Move the Mission is more than just an offering; it is an initiative that puts wheels on the gospel and hope in the hearts of the hopeless… Move the Mission truly makes His mission possible.”

Bro. Thomas would go on to note the various causes to which this unprecedented offering would be distributed. Significantly, $540,000 was given to North American Missions helping our Church planters obtain properties and buildings in the cities to which they are called. While another 1.2 million dollars is going to Global Missions in order to purchase vehicles for our missionaries and their families, who are stationed all over the world.

Following this exciting announcement we entered back into a time of worship that set the atmosphere for a faith-filled sermon preached by Nelson Rivera, Pastor of UpperRoom Church in Imperial Beach, California. Bro. Rivera preached a message entitled Warrior Generation”, taking his text from Exodus 13:17 where it says, And it came to pass when Pharaoh had let the people go, that God led them not through the way of the land of the Philistines, although that was near; for God said, lest peradventure the people repent when they see war, and they return to Egypt.”

Encouraging our generation, Bro. Rivera explained that where Israel was unfit for war (and thus delayed in reaching the promised land), we have been positioned by the power of the Holy Ghost to move towards that which God has promised us. To not fear, but to become a Warrior Generation”.

He brought the message to a point of response by challenging us with this convicting, yet inspiring statement: Let it not be said of the Church that because we were afraid of the fight, the Lord took us on the long road to revival. We are destined to be on the offensive.”

Altar call ensued and erupted into an army-like line of young people circling the auditorium in a unified response to the message that had gone forward. At the conclusion of the altar service our Youth President asked for any students who would commit to starting a P7 Bible club, or CMI chapter, to signal so by raising their hand. Immediately dozens of hands lifted, filling the air.

As I noted in the introduction, the sense of unity present at Youth Day was noticeable from the very start and it only grew as service progressed. We were reminded that it is the mission and the message of Jesus Christ that unites us in this commission to reach the world.

Undoubtedly, Youth Day 2021 was one that wont soon be forgotten.



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