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Where is it green and hilly, hot and humid, and downright Southern?

A lot of places in the Deep South no doubt.  But none better than Birmingham, Alabama. 

My sweet home Alabama.  Yep, this Texas true girl has relocated to the deep, deeeep South.

And besides the occasional longing for some truly fantastic Tex Mex, I have to say Alabama agrees with me.  I’m here for residency and so far work is going pretty well.  I think I’ve figured things out.  You work for 4 weeks straight and then you get a weekend off.  You run for dear life.

That finally happened to me so I ran to Louisiana.

There are definitely better places to end up in than Louisiana (kdding!), but weekend off + Wayne Francis at my little sister’s church = can’t be beat. 

In other news, I’ve also tried this:

I give it two thumbs up.  And I’ve ate some really great Southern food:

I give that at least three thumbs up.

And I’m thrilled to be here.  I like my job.  I like my church.  I like my place.  God is good.

More to come, once I learn how to sit at a computer and not fall asleep from residency induced exhaustion.

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