Unashamed: I’m All In

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Have you ever been hanging out with friends or with family? Have they ever asked you to do something that may have been somewhat childish? Like a dare? Have you ever felt ashamed to do that dare whether you lost or not? I have had many experiences in my life like that. I understand it’s hard to do some of those dares, but what if they asked you to do something out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t do? What if they asked you to go and pray for that one person you saw in the store? Or even ask you to go and give that one friend a Bible study?

Romans 1:16, reads “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” In this verse, we are being commanded to not be ashamed of the gospel or what God wants us to do. For if we are not ashamed of God or His word, He has promised salvation in our lives and to those who we reach and save.

Just imagine what would happen if you go into your school or workplace and begin testifying to your friends. Imagine what a move of God would happen if you walk up to that one friend who is happy on the outside but dying on the inside because of family issues or other personal reasons. In Luke 15:7, we read that Heaven rejoices over one soul that repents more than ninety-nine souls that don’t need to repent. When you reach out to one person and stand in the gap for them believing that God will completely change their life, God’s Spirit will begin to move as He reaches for them. If you can just walk into your school and give a Bible study out of  obedience rather than obligation, God will pour out His Spirit, and we will see a flood of revival over our schools. We will see the power of the Holy Ghost consume the hearts of lost teenagers.

The lost people of this generation are bound by drugs, alcohol, depression, and oppression, but God has placed us here to stand unashamed and to preach the gospel to all the world as He told us in Matthew 28:19. In Jesus’ name!



Michael Robledo is a Young Leader and Sound tech at The Pentecostals Of Las Cruces in New Mexico. Michael is active in a P7 Club in Centennial High School. He has a passion to see lost young people grow into the Apostolic Pentecostal Lifestyle. Grown up in church, Michael has experienced many miracles and has seen some of the greatest revival in his life. “Reaching the young population is the key to a great revival!”

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