The Time of Youth

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In our day of lightning-fast internet, smartphones, and convenient grocery deliveries, most of us would hardly categorize the clock as a modern invention. The clock has divided the day down to mere seconds and minutes. Before clocks, humans observed the heavens, movements of the stars and seasons to measure time and existence. I read an excerpt I considered to be so thought provoking in Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman,

“. . . we have learned irreverence toward the sun and the seasons, for in a world made up of seconds and minutes, the authority of nature is superseded.” Lewis Mumford echoed in Technics and Civilization that the clock altered the relationship between God and humanity: “. . . Eternity ceased gradually to serve as, the measure and focus of human actions.”

In the days of the Bible, Israel depended on God for sustenance and provision. Crying aloud each day for rain and favorable weather. Dreading days of drought and famine. The Lord was the keeper of the storehouses of heaven. Yet today we consider rain a mere inconvenience and reports of drought do not affect us because we can drive to the local Walmart. For humans, the hustle and bustle of everyday life became the melody of their hearts. Rising in the morning and preparing for work and other various tasks. Each hour of the day accounted for and divided down to the very minutes. Life seems to be a never-ending rush of time; always something to do, some place to be. But can Jesus interrupt your schedule? May I ask you some questions? When was the last time you thought about heaven? When did you last imagine yourself crossing the threshold of eternity?

Humanity’s concept of time has been severed from God and replaced with the clock. We are so consumed with the next meeting and next deadline that we find difficulty squeezing in time for God. Dwelling under the shadow of the Almighty. Rushing to those secret places.

Yearning for the silent voice of God. Listening to the promises and plans the Lord has for your life. Sitting attentively to hear the command of the Master. The Lord knows you have everyday needs. But what about the desires of his heart? Does the Lord truly orchestrate your steps? What has the Lord spoken into your future?

Jeremiah exclaimed this in response to the call of God on his life, “Then said I, Ah, Lord God! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.” Jeremiah’s objection was not unreasonable.

Jeremiah was young, inexperienced, and had insufficient knowledge but God overruled his objection by affirming his calling, commission, and the power of preaching his Word. Young person let God overrule your plans, agenda, pride, and insecurities. Our time on earth is fleeting so eternity must be the measure of our accomplishments. While you are young seek the direction from the Lord for his purpose in your life. This is the greatest hour of the Church. Many hungry souls are looking for the truth. Will you waste your youth pursuing carnal ambition? Or will the time of your youth be spent pursuing the call of God?

These days are so incredibly precious- brimming with health and overflowing with potential. In Ecclesiastes Solomon describes this life as but a vapor. He instructs the reader to remember your Creator in the days of your youth. What plans has the Lord planted in your heart during altar call at a youth camp? What’s that dream you cannot escape? Where is the Lord leading you? The answers to these questions can only be satisfied in the quiet of prayer. Fear the Lord, search for the treasure of wisdom in his Word, and find liberty in the law of the Lord. Surrender, humble your heart, and let the Lord captivate this youthful time in your life.



Savanna is a lover of spring time, coffee, books, and food. She has her B.S. in Nursing from Indiana University and a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Indiana Bible College. She attends Calvary Tabernacle where you can find her serving on the Welcome Team or Calvary Store, singing in the choir, or worshipping in the pews. She loves to use the power of words to reach and empower this generation.

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