The Power of Transformation

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Anybody like watching home renovation programs?  There is something magical about the transformation of a tired old room into a cozy place of rest.  From decrepit and broken to new and restored, from hideous and unsightly to beautiful and welcoming — it all happens in less than an hour!  Oh, the beauty of the editing process!

Now, I cannot speak from personal experience, as I have never rehabbed a room or a home, but I do understand that there is nothing magical about the process itself.  Many days and evenings are spent tearing down old walls, pulling out nails, getting dirty. You are tired and sometimes, frustrated, but the result is a home that is beautiful, refreshing, functional, warming, and welcoming.

Perhaps we as humans are drawn to this process because it reflects the very work that God longs to do in each of our hearts and lives.  When we experience salvation, we exchange our old life for a new one.  Once we surrender our lives to God, He sends the Holy Ghost to begin this process of being transformed into the image of God.

Truth be told — transformation does not come without a struggle.  One of my mentors once told me that the transformation process is like watching a jumbo jet soaring gracefully in the skies. You would never know, unless you are on the plane, the amount of turbulence the passengers are experiencing. In the same way, we feel every bump and bruise in our walks with Christ, and sometimes we get discouraged because it gets so very difficult.  But thats not what others see. They see your victories, your joy, and your faithfulness.  They see the light of Christ in your life.  They see your resilience.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the fact that last year revealed the spirit of resilience in every one of us.  Churches were closed down and taken online, but the Word kept being preached and lives were changed and the Holy Ghost was poured out in living rooms all over the world.  While the world preached a message of inequality and division, the people of God preached a message of unity and hope.  Apostolic preachers flooded the streets of America preaching the love of Christ to meet angry mobs preaching hate.  If we are going to continue to change our neighborhood, our city, our nation, change must first start with us. We must be willing to surrender to the transformational power of Jesus Christ.

A New Year can be a great time to look back on the ways God has been transforming your heart, soul, and mind.  When we reflect on the ways in which we have grown and matured, we can see how slowly, ever so slowly, God has been chipping away at the places in our lives that needed restoring.  Let me leave you with this encouraging scripture that has carried me through many difficult times in my life:

Philippians 1:6

…being confident of this very thing,

that He who has begun a good work in you

will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;

Corey has been involved in youth ministries for 15+ years. He has served in various aspects of church leadership, including Hyphen Director, Executive Pastor, Children’s Pastor, and Student Pastor. He and his wife, Danielle, currently are serving as the Student Pastors of First Apostolic Church under the leadership of Pastor Kris Dillingham. Corey is also a registered nurse. When he is not scoping out the local food or coffee scene, he can be found spending time with his wife and daughter, Pemberley.

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