The Power of One

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There is power and greatness in the number one. There is one God. There is one truth and one way. God had called his church to preach this and share it with everyone we can; the whole gospel, to the whole world.  It was in Matthew 28:19, where God had told his disciples to go out and preach to every person on this planet. This message is still as true as it was when it was written, God’s Word is never ending!

God has placed us here in a lost and dying world. There are billions of people who are searching. There are billions of people who have questions about what’s missing in their life and people who ask themselves what their purpose is. We have that very answer living inside us and His name is Jesus. We have what they are looking for.

When we reach a soul, just one soul, that soul has the power to move mountains. That soul has the power to lay hands on the sick and see them healed. One soul could change the future of the church. That one soul you reach could go on to become a pastor. That one person you witness to could go on to be the next missionary. That one soul could help change the next generation.

You are just one person but you can be a light that changes one more. It is like dominos. That one can, in turn, change another and lead someone else to the One true God.

God has called us to spread His Word to the students of our schools and the coworkers we spend every day with. The whole Gospel, to the whole world, by the whole church! You may not be able to talk to everyone in the world, but I am certain you can start with one. There is power in starting at one.


Michael Robledo is a Young Leader and Sound tech at The Pentecostals Of Las Cruces in New Mexico. Michael is active in a P7 Club in Centennial High School. He has a passion to see lost young people grow into the Apostolic Pentecostal Lifestyle. Grown up in church, Michael has experienced many miracles and has seen some of the greatest revival in his life. “Reaching the young population is the key to a great revival!”

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