The Book of Acts in Action

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This past weekend the South Central Senior Bible Quiz Extravaganza took place in Vidor, TX. It was an exciting time as 63 teams (28 Experienced and 35 Intermediate) competed and displayed their knowledge of the Heart of Acts (selected verses from the book of Acts).

The weekend included all of the normal activities that take place at a Bible Quiz Extravaganza. There was a lot of great quizzing, a devotion, and a tremendous service Friday night that included passionate worship and a timely, challenging message by TX Youth Secretary Brian McCoy. There were also tears of joy and disappointment, trophies and ribbons, and a lot of fantastic food and fellowship. But among all the common things that happened there was an extraordinary and unique event that took place Saturday morning. As far as anyone could remember, it was a first for an Extravaganza and only the 2nd time I ever remember it happening at a Bible Quiz Tournament—I was privileged to baptize in Jesus name a young man quizzing on the team from my home church in Conroe, TX.

At 9:00 AM Saturday, prior to the start of quizzing that day, with a crowd of excited Bible Quizzers looking on, we had a time of prayer and then baptized him. It was a beautiful and powerful moment as we put the book of Acts into action! No doubt those Bible Quizzers will never forget seeing Acts 2:38 in action at the 2010 South Central Bible Quiz Extravaganza.

The book of Acts is more than just a history book or study material for a Bible Quizzing program, it is the living Word of God and it is being lived out by this young man and the 2010 Bible Quiz community.

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