TBC Chorale Tour 2010

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On occasion, my mother will tell stories about the time when I was 7 months old and was a part of the Texas Bible College Chorale Tour of 1985.  My parents worked at TBC and we went on the trip as chaperones.  Apparently there was a lot of driving, it was hot in Florida, and I was a perfect child so I didn’t cause any extra trouble.  A-hem.

Anyway, I suppose it got in my blood because I really enjoy going to an amazing chorale service!

Which is definitely what we had in Austin, Texas.

It was simply incredible.  The band did amazing.  The soloists were top notch.

They brought the house down with a medley that ended in a song that took me back to my Youth Camp days – “Just Like the Day of Pentecost.”

And most importantly, the anointing was present and God moved.

Pretty much the best chorale concert I’ve ever attended.  (Excluding, of course, the 1985 chorale trip which I cannot remember and therefore cannot judge properly.)

I may be a bit biased toward my roots, but I firmly believe that God is doing great things at Texas Bible College.  I am excited with them about the future!

If you would like more information about TBC, visit www.texasbiblecollege.com or view the promotional video here.  You can also catch some clips of the chorale performing.

*Pictures credit of Texas Bible College.

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