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The morning breeze was cool, the breakfast dishes were done, her husband was off to work, and her daughter was sitting on the school bus. The house was quiet except for her son playing in the edge of the living room. She made her way to the couch, knelt down in the quietness, and began to call on God. Deeper and deeper she moved and traveled down the road of prayer. It seemed it was here she was able to lay down the stress from her weekend as a Pastor’s wife and simply unload her burdens to the Lord. As her journey continued on for a little longer, it was not until she attempted to get up that she realized there was a weight across her feet. Then she noticed her son was no longer playing; but in his childhood mindset he had been attracted to the peace that flowed from his mother’s prayers and had crawled across the floor and laid down across her feet and fell asleep. This was his first introduction to prayer. The actions we take every day influence and teach those around us…

“And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples” Luke 11:1. Jesus taught as much by example as He did by verbal expression!

Across the flat plains of Texas as the wind stirred the dust, the toddler—now ten years old—sat in the swing that hung between two large trees in the front yard when he heard a strange, yet drawing sound. As he listened more closely, he realized it was his thirteen-year-old sister crying out to God in her bedroom inside the house. To him it sounded like the neatest thing, the intensity of the prayer. It created a desire in him to experience the same thing. He wanted to have the kind of relationship with God and the closeness to God that it sounded like his sister was enjoying. This began his own personal journey to experience this, and it worked—as he sought for God, he found God. God called him and he began to minister. He has seen many people healed when he called on God; he has been blessed to lay his hands on people and watch them begin to speak in tongues immediately as God filled them with the Holy Ghost; he has been blessed to be used in many of the Gifts of the Spirit; and the list can continue. He has even been blessed to have laid his hand on his older sister and see God miraculously heal her of lupus. All this begin with him hearing his mom and his sister pray, creating a desire within him to have a deep and strong relationship with God.

This is the portion of the article where I do my best to persuade older brothers and sisters and even future moms and dads to pray where your younger siblings and children can hear you. It will have an influence in their lives that only eternity will truly reveal. Teach someone to pray, show someone how to pray, not by talking to them, but by them hearing you talk to HIM!

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