Our Saint Louis Coat Drive

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My mom always told me to follow God’s will and encouraged me to do anything I set my mind to. Brother Kevin Raposo named our youth group “Epoch Youth.” Epoch means, “a moment that creates momentum. “ He always encourages us to seize the moment.

If it wasn’t for their encouragement, I would have never stepped out of my comfort zone. I had always been the type to watch other people doing great things for God, thinking I never could. Yet, I have always had a burden for people. Last October, I put a coat drive together for the homeless in Saint Louis and our local communities. God blessed us with over 450 coats!

On November 12, we delivered donated coats to the homeless shelter in Saint Louis. We were able to visit homeless camps, old parking garages, warehouses, and abandoned buildings where the homeless had to take shelter. When we handed out the coats, the looks on their faces were priceless! I could sense they were extremely desperate for something because none of them refused our prayers that day. It made me realize just how spoiled we really are. We have nice homes, plenty of food, and many outfits to choose from each day. Others are not so fortunate. Whether their situation came from bad choices, identity theft, or the ailing economy—they are all God’s people.

That day will forever be a milestone in my life. It opened my eyes and made me grasp a concept I pray will never leave me. They were desperate for something, and they are all God’s people. I will no longer contain God in the four walls of our church. I will continue to do outreaches and help the children of God.

You always hear of someone reaching out like this and think of how awesome it is. In the back of your mind, you think you could never do anything like this. The reality is—you can! Just follow God’s will. If you have a burden, don’t keep it to yourself. Stand up and do it! God will be directing you every step of the way.

Brandi Brooks is a freshman at Three Rivers Community College. She attends West Point United Pentecostal Church in Doniphan, Missouri where Reverend Chuck Carr is her pastor.

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