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Never before have I seen a generation with more passion to see God’s kingdom in action than this generation. Gateway College of Evangelism is likewise determined to see such a generation change the very society of which they are a part of. Our mission is clear; we train and Biblically educate students for Christian ministry, church leadership, and world evangelism. At Gateway we pour our very best into each student, knowing that the investments we make are eternal and will help change the world.

Gateway has an amazing legacy that spans more than forty years of training students for ministry. Students from around the world have chosen to further their education at Gateway College of Evangelism, expending their time and energy in preparation and practice to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gateway College of Evangelism continues to do our best to provide students with the highest level of education and practical ministry experience possible. While we are currently an unaccredited institution, Gateway has made great strides to position ourselves for accreditation. We have hired an accreditation consultant who continues to guide us through the accreditation process, making sure that we have the proper documentation and processes in place. Our faculty is second to none; the majority of our instructors hold master’s degrees or doctorates, many with long-term practical ministry experience. Our library—a joint venture with the Urshan Graduate School of Theology—houses over fifty thousand books, periodicals, and digital resources, along with a vast number of online resources that are available to our students.

At Gateway we prepare students for ministry; that is what we do and who we are. We offer a two-year degree in Biblical and General studies and a four-year degree with emphases in Biblical Studies, Church Music, Christian Education, and Pastoral Studies. Each degree provides students with the knowledge to meet the demands called for by the vast methods and means of ministry. A key component to each degree, and really everything that we do at Gateway, is the large amount of practical active ministry experience that is required of and available to our students.

In order to provide our students with a variety of educational opportunities and options, Gateway has developed articulation agreements with local college and graduate schools in our area. We have an exciting program with Saint Louis Christian College (SLCC) that will enable students to attend Gateway College and leave with an accredited degree from SLCC. Currently, students can receive a B.S. in Christian Ministry or a B.S. in Intercultural and Urban Missions with Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification. Students will take roughly 100 credit hours at Gateway College and another 30-36 hours at SLCC while living on Gateway’s campus. We also have an agreement with Missouri Baptist University (MOBAP) that allows students who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Gateway to begin almost immediately in MOBAP’s Masters of Counseling or Masters of Business administration.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in ministry after just a few short weeks of being here and are encouraged to take part in a variety of ministry outlets throughout the year. Groups of ten to fifteen students go out regularly to aid both local churches and churches from around the region in evangelism by taking to the streets and ministering to the needs of specific communities. Gateway students supply music, Sunday school teachers, preachers, and whatever else the church needs. Both small and large churches alike continue to benefit by having a Gateway outreach group bless their church. Not only are students involved stateside, but once a year a group of twenty plus students take part in an overseas mission trip contributing to evangelism all over the world. The list goes on with ministries such as choir, chorale, ensemble, drama, and many others that minister regularly throughout our nation.

With the additions of our new president, Reverend Darrell Johns, and Music Director Keith Pace, Gateway College of Evangelism is poised to take our Bible college education and experience to the next level. President Johns has plenty of Bible college administration, pastoral, and executive experience—having served as Vice President of Jackson College of Ministries, pastor of Atlanta West, and an executive at World Evangelism Center. Additionally, Brother Pace has had great experience in church music, graduating from Indiana Bible College and serving as Music Director at Royalwood United Pentecostal Church. He has also had the privilege to work alongside Aaron Lindsay as a studio assistant and engineer on projects for such Christian artists as Israel Houghton, Marvin Sapp, Martha Munizzi, and many others.

You can quickly see that the purpose and mission of Gateway is to train and equip students to evangelize our world and that as a student, you will have many opportunities to take part in that mission. I am constantly hearing from the many students that I have the privilege to meet that there is a consistent call to missions—and while foreign missions may immediately come to mind, the mission of Christ holds no national or ethnic boundaries. As God calls more and more young people to confirm their call to ministry, Gateway College of Evangelism will continue to train and Biblically educate students for Christian ministry, church leadership, and world evangelism.

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