Fashion for Spring

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 Dressing fashionably, yet remaining modest is a lot easier for our current generation than it was even ten years ago! I’ll never forget the stories my mom has shared of “back in the day” when my grandmother had to make skirts for her children because you really could not find them in stores. Now-a-days, it is a cinch to find feminine and flattering clothing at stores like Forever 21 or Anthropologie. Soft pieces are trendy and the latest rage! It’s finally in style to look and dress like a true lady. Although you have to sift around and be aware of certain pieces designed to be a little too clingy or revealing, Pentecostal girls have much more of a selection to choose from. So why not take advantage of it? It is all about balance. While we should avoid becoming too engrossed or obsessed with our outward appearance, it is truly such a beautiful witness when a Godly Apostolic Girl walks into her school with a fun outfit and a gorgeous smile to match. It shows our world that it is possible to dress attractively while still honoring God with humility in attire. To be modest means to be humble and avoid flaunting your body. We are a temple of the Holy Ghost, so why not make sure it is presented in the best possible way? Apostolic Girls have a great opportunity to not only stand for holiness, but show how classy of a lifestyle it can be! The spring season is an exciting time to get creative in your wardrobe. Pack up the heavy coats and dark dull colors! It’s time to throw in splashes of bright hues and shades! It’ll be a little more challenging to stay cool in the warming weather, but with a little effort, you can achieve a comfortable and yet tasteful look! A “boho” somewhat random look is easy to achieve, and the latest rage. It’s as simple as throwing on a fun graphic t-shirt, a flowy skirt, and cute soft flats or strappy sandals! If you live up North and find that there are a few days where it is still a little chilly, throw on a few layers, like a jean vest or thin cardigan, and a fun accessory—like a light scarf with springy colors! To top it all off, remember that your hairstyle can also complete any look you’re going for this season. For a more laid back look, try curling your hair and then letting the curls fall into relaxed waves. This creates an effortless look that will complete any boho outfit. It’s great for days just hanging out. You can also have fun with side buns. Let straight pieces stick out of your bun. It’s a somewhat sloppy yet structured appeal. The overall objective for cute springy hairstyles, is to look very natural and effortless—almost a little earthy. Try throwing in loose braids on the sides of your hair when you’re throwing it in an up-do, or one big side braid, for a fun look. No matter what you try this spring, just have fun. You can express yourself with what you wear, while also honoring God with the selection you choose! Check out fun websites for ideas that you can try in your own closet! You’d be surprised what you can put together with what you have, if you can just get inspired. Websites like have relevant tips for modest fashion. Check it out and enjoy getting creative with your closet!

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