Can You Hear Me?

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Lets go down memory lane.

Remember the Sprint guy with the commercial of the man in various locations on the phone asking “Can you hear me now?” Lets also think about the Christmas holiday that we just went through and the song title “Do you hear what I hear?”

Growing up I had a serious case of selective hearing. I did suffer from several ear infections, and had many sets of tubes. These factors contributed to my handicapping case of selective hearing. I couldnt hear some things my mom would say to me, and as a child I spent too much time at the E.N.T (Ears, nose, and throat) Doctor.

I specifically remember a test that was done during one of my appointments. In a soundproof room with headphones, every time you hear a ring you are instructed to hit a button. In my mind, the entire time I was listening I was also asking, “Did I hear a noise? Is that a noise? Should I hit the button now? How many seconds will this last? I missed it! Can I hear it again doc? Im not sure I heard what I was supposed to hear. Doctor, can we do the test again?”

As I made the spiritual correlation I faced a hard reality … What if I have selective hearing with God? What if God called me and I couldnt hear Him? What if I hear Him and didnt answer? What if I called God and He didnt answer?

This is why we need to have relationship with Him! Can we hear if God whispers our name? What is our response when He calls? What do we do when He calls? What is our response?

Instead of wondering if God can hear us, we need to strive to be in relationships with Him, so we can know. Establishing a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing. The Bible says “O taste and see that Lord, He is good.”

So try Him. Put the promises in the Word of God to use. Today if youre wondering if God can hear you; I strongly encourage you to pray for a sensitivity to His voice.

I know for a fact that He hears us and speaks to us. We just need to be open and sensitive to hear His voice.



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