Apostolic Music Review: Singles and EPs

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This month, I want to do something a little different. A lot of the music out right now is not just on a thirteen song album but has transformed to two-four song EPs, or singles. So, instead of focusing on one album, I want to highlight some of the amazing singles out on iTunes right now.

Nathaniel Pritt sings the never-changing message that God’s “Love Stays the Same.” This is a great guitar driven, contemporary song with meaningful lyrics and a catchy hook. Nathaniel’s voice is a joy to listen to, plus he’s an excellent guitar player.
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Next, we have a completely different artist, D.A. Davies. “Rise Up” is a hard-hitting, synth-pop hit that will increase faith in your spirit. Not only is D.A.’s voice amazingly smooth, but he is a poet and delivers the message through rap. You’ll be chanting the bridge all day long.
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“Walking in Victory” by Lindsey Short is just plain beautiful. It’s a groove song that had me lifting my hands in thanks to God for the life I have in Him. Lindsey’s voice is one of the smoothest I’ve ever heard. I couldn’t stop singing the chorus once I heard it.
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Mario Mouser brings us “He Can Carry You.” The title gives the premise of the song, but Mario’s voice drives the point home. My favorite line is “If He can carry the weight of the world, He can carry You.” This song will encourage you to hold on to your dream, because with God, all things are possible.
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Christ Tabernacle Church just released “Forward,” a song about hope for the future. It’s a synthy song with a unique drum pattern and amazing string arrangement. The bridge not only builds dynamically but also builds your faith and desire to move forward.
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Last but not least, we have Ryan Johns’ “Forever I Will Praise You.” You will most definitely want to include this in your worship repertoire. This chorus is awesome, and the bridge is catchy. Ryan has an incredibly powerful voice, and the guy can hit notes some altos only dream of.
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Also, since we are getting close to the season, check out “White Christmas (feat. George Johns).” It’s a classic that can still put you in a good mood.
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Jeremy and Janessa have been serving at Calvary Tabernacle in Bentonville, Arkansas for the past four years. Jeremy loves being involved in music events around the country and has played on, written for, and co-produced several live and studio recordings. He has a passion for excellence in music and a genuine love for teaching others the joy of having music.

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