A Moment of Inconvenience

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A thought process that has become prevalent in today’s society is that of not wanting to be an inconvenience to someone. Some people have gone so far as to say that their biggest fear is being an inconvenience to another. That fear can cause people to eat food that they didn’t order at restaurants, go places that they don’t want to, and even spend time with people that they don’t like.

Yet while there is so much worry and even fear about being an inconvenience to another human being, there is little to no thought about whether or not what they are doing is an inconvenience to God.

We have become a people that are more worried about what other people think about us than what the almighty creator thinks of us. The Bible never tells us that following after God would be easy or convenient. In fact, if you study the lives of those in the Bible you will see that they weren’t worried about being an inconvenience to those around them.

Can you imagine if Noah had worried about being an inconvenience to his neighbors? If he had said, “Well God, I just don’t think that I can build that boat that you’re talking about because I don’t want it to block my neighbors view of the land.” Or if Paul had said, “Sorry I just can’t preach to those people because I know that what you want me to say to them is going to hurt their feelings”.

How many people would have missed out on salvation if they would have worried about being an inconvenience?

If we are never inconvenienced, then we become comfortable where we are and can begin to lose the boldness of the gospel of Jesus.

The people around us are struggling, they need you to “inconvenience” their lives with the truth of God. This goes for the waitress serving you, your friend’s friend, your teacher and people you see everyday.

Go and tell people about what Jesus has done in your life. It probably won’t be a convenient time or place, but there can be a healing that takes place when you step out of your comfort zone and reach for others. In that context, inconvenience can become a beautiful experience.


Akilah is currently an English Major at Arizona State University. She has taken courses in journalistic writing, studying the writings of classical works, as well as the way that languages are used throughout different cultures. In addition, She currently writes lessons for her job, Sunday School class, and personal writings such as poetry and short stories.

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