Book Review: Crazy Love

Posted by: in Books, Our Playlist on January 1st

By: Francis Chan
Reviewed by: Kara McCool

“…when you’re wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.” (Francis Chan)

Only a crazy, inexplicable love could drive Jesus Christ to endure the ultimate torture of Calvary’s cross just so He could spend eternity with sinful, messed up people like us! It doesn’t make rational sense. God is so holy, so perfect, and so powerfully vast. Why would He, why should He even grant us one lingering thought? His love for us can only be described as wild, radical, and absolutely wonderful! Through this book, Francis Chan seeks to drag us away from our religious rituals and routines so that we might be able dive into the depths of God’s magnificent love. But, you ask, how can we even begin to love Him back? How can we even hope to reciprocate even the smallest amount of what has been given us? It’s overwhelming. Open your heart as Chan opens our eyes to the passionate, intimate relationship our God desires and rejoice in the exhilarating, incomparable love He offers us!

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  1. Heidi says:

    Hmmm. Well, I confess I seem to be the only person who is not absolutely in love with this book. That may well be simply a weakness on my part, but I personally found the book intensely irritating in its incessant, "are you absolutely SURE you're a Christian!?!" theme. Throughout the whole book, there was never a moment where this question let up, never a moment where the reader was permitted to answer with a resounding "YES!" I am certain that I know and follow Christ. It seems to me that a book which asks a question so forcefully and then permits no answer but a negative one is not hugely helpful. Thus, perhaps this book is hardest to read by those who are indeed following Christ but who already struggle with any concept of "security in Him" – I cannot say. For me, in any case, the book left me feeling empty, and wrestling once again with the question of how on earth can one EVER be sure that one's life is "good enough" when measured by these standards?

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