Asus R700

Posted by: in InsideTech, Our Playlist on May 27th

Asus R700 3D GPS Navigator and Portable Media Player

We all know the GPS technology has been around for quite some time, and quite a few of us have either a phone or navigator with GPS on it. The only problem with traveling now, though, is that you have so many devices to look at. You have your iPod Video, your cell phone, your GPS, your stereo, and some of you may even have a PDA or portable DVD player. Well, Asus has a device that just came out that will compact most of your devices for travel into one. The Asus R700 is a GPS navigator that has 3D maps and real-time traffic updates, but not only does it navigate, you can also play MP3s, videos, and photos on a 1.3 cm thick unit. Of course it has a touch screen, but it uses Bluetooth to verbalize text messages and dial calls. It just hit stores and costs $400.

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