When Jumping is Scary

Posted by: in Rachel Skirvin on June 18th


I have never been a huge fan of heights, especially when it comes to jumping off them. Skydiving or bungee jumping off an insanely tall bridge have never been on the top of my to-do list. However, just last week, while on a mission trip to Roatan, Honduras I braved my way off some high heights into some beautiful water. My biggest fears came from thinking about all the things that could go wrong. On the last night of the trip, after the sun had set, I lept off a ledge into dark waters and ended the trip with a great memory of facing my fears. I couldn’t see in front of me, but I could hear the voice of some of my friends around me, cheering me on and guiding me where to land. Listening to the right voices always leads us to the right places, even when we cannot see where the next step will lead.

The unknown can be terrifying. Faith is hard, I get it. But that is what faith is- trusting when we cannot see and jumping full force into where God is leading.

I wish I could say that jumping when God says to jump was as easy as cannon-balling into the Caribbean, but it doesn’t come close. I am the kind of person that likes to have all the answers and plan things out perfectly. Over the years I have learned that faith is usually the opposite of what I plan. Taking that first jump into the unknown- into uncharted and deep waters can be scary but when God is in it, it always turns out better than we could imagine. I know jumping can be scary, but I can promise you that as soon as you listen for His voice, let go and let God have His way, you will not be disappointed.

Now is the time, jump in!



Rachel is a lover of travel, nachos, and the gospel. She is a graduate of Urshan College and will most likely always call it Gateway. She recently graduated with her master’s degree in counseling and human services and is currently serving at The Pentecostals of Cooper City in South Florida.

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