Thankful for Change

Posted by: in Rachel Skirvin on November 25th


November is quickly collapsing into December and I am astounded by the rapid speed at which the transition occurred.

Though Christmas trees are going up and snow is falling in some states, we are technically still in the season of fall. Autumn brings reminders of change. We see this manifest in the form of leaves swapping their green color for vibrants reds and yellows, but it can also be noticed in other aspects of life. Sometimes change looks beautiful, other times it feels harsh like winter. Today, I’m feeling all of it- the harshness, the beauty, and the goodness. Currently, I am journaling in Central Park, New York. People come from far and wide to see the leaves transform, many not realizing how something first has to end for something new to begin.

Fall is an elegantly beautiful reminder that death to some things, in certain seasons is reasonable and even necessary.

Endings are invitations to new beginnings. 

You may currently feel as though you are in one of those times of transition. Perhaps it seems like the dreams you held, the friendships you knew, and the plans you made are all going awry. Remember, not all change is negative. There will be glory through your story- every last bit of it. There is goodness and grace in the middle moments and those times that feel relentlessly wearying. In this season of gratefulness, take some time to be thankful for the change God is allowing. He has a purpose for it all. If He is removing some things you hold dear from your life, rest assured that something new will follow. Trust the process. Trust Him. Be thankful for the change He is bringing about in you.




Rachel is a lover of travel, nachos, and the gospel. She is a graduate of Urshan College and will most likely always call it Gateway. She recently graduated with her master’s degree in counseling and human services and is currently serving at The Pentecostals of Cooper City in South Florida.

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