Growing Toward Glory

Posted by: in Rachel Skirvin on July 22nd

An old song speaks of reaching Heaven’s gates in such a unique way. “Just over in the Glory Land,” paints a picture of how great eternity will be.

I believe the words. I know it will be worth it, but what do we do with the storms of the in-between? What do we make of the painfully uncomfortable middle we have to venture through?

In the spring of this year, I found myself sitting in a gazebo in Costa Rica, overlooking the vastness of mountains and cityscape. Rain was falling hard, and I was trapped. I couldn’t walk back to my room without the certainty of getting soaked, so I lingered, and I loved it. There was a stillness and a peace that is difficult to form words for. The traffic had slowed its pace, and so did the rest of- what felt like the world.

I was reminded of what rain brings. It brings about a pause, but it also brings great growth. Without rain, there would be no fruitful season. It may disrupt some plans and ruin a pool day, but oh, what goodness and grace follow those times.

Can you imagine the drought and devastation that would take place if only heat and strong sunshine occurred?

The truth is, we need the relief that comes with the rain.

Have you ever experienced a season of life where it felt like the old adage of “When it rains, it pours”? If you have not, allow me to enlighten you. It simply means that during those times, it seems as though one bad thing after another keeps happening. It feels like you have walked into a storm and your umbrella broke at the same time your shoes did, and to top it all off, you dropped your phone in a puddle, all while dodging a swarm of thirsty mosquitos. Maybe that is a bit much, but I wanted to paint a clear picture for you. Sometimes life rains on your parade, and you know what? that’s okay!

When it comes to the messiness of life, do you want to know some good news? It will not be a deluge forever.

Guess what happens after the showers cease? You grow. You grow through pain. You grow stronger when you stay rooted. You thrive and trust deeper. You grow to love more. You grow in all sorts of ways.

The route you are taking will not always be easy, but each road has its own scenic, sometimes rain-soaked path. Making it home happens one baby step at a time. You will get there, friend. Each storm serves a pointed purpose. Keep the faith.

You may feel like you always see cloudy days in your forecast, but with each passing shower, each bump in the road, and trial you endure, you are growing toward glory.


Rachel is a lover of travel, nachos, and the gospel. She is a graduate of Urshan College and will most likely always call it Gateway. She recently graduated with her master’s degree in counseling and human services and is currently serving at The Pentecostals of Cooper City in South Florida.

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