Maximize Your Time at Youth Congress

Posted by: in Editorials on August 1st

Divide and conquer. There’s too much for one person to do. If you came in a group, split up for elective sessions. If you came alone, buy the DVDs, CDs, Dropcards, and tapes (if we still sell tapes).

Takes notes. Take lots of notes during the sessions. Put your iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPod Touch, even pen and paper to good use. You might think you’ll remember it all, but you probably won’t.

Talk to your student pastor. Talk to your student pastor often to let him/her know about the commitments you’ve made to God, and about the things God is speaking to you. Allow your student pastor to keep you accountable to the promises you’ve made this week.

Ask questions. Preferably of someone who knows what they’re talking about. Take advantage of any Q & A sessions that are provided this week.

Socialize. You’ll probably want to sit with your youth group at Wendy’s, but you do that every Sunday. Meet other youth groups, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones.

Be a Christian. In the arena. In the hotel. In the restaurants. In the van. Everywhere there is oxygen. Be Christlike so this world will want to be like Christ, too.

Reflect. Take time after each session to reflect on what God has spoken to you and is doing in your life. When you get home, make sure you set aside time to focus your excitement into meaningful ministry.

Worship. The climate of Youth Congress is powerful-extremely powerful. Worship God and allow Him to change your life.

Take stuff home. There will be things to buy and things for free. Make sure you buy the resources that will help you down the road. Fill up on as much free stuff as your teenage arms can carry.

Much of the above tips were taken from previous Youth Congress material.

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