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See You at the Pole

Posted by: in Current Events, Inspirational, Olivia Dummer on September 20th

For the last twenty-two years, every fourth Wednesday of September has been a time for student fellowship and community prayer. “See You at the Pole” has grown from a single school event to a nationwide endeavor to call on God’s name with one voice, and it is completely student led! The focus is generally on… View Article

Uplink: From the Illinois District

Posted by: in Current Events, Inspirational on June 7th

The first transatlantic telegraph cable was completely laid out in 1866, made of 340,500 miles of copper and iron wire. It was designed to stretch 2,876.95 miles along the ocean floor. Once that cable was in place, you could use electrical impulses and signal code to send any message you wanted to the other side… View Article

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