Wunderlist—How to Stay Organized When You’re Super Busy

Posted by: in Seth Whitehill, Technology Reviews on April 22nd

WunderlistYou sit in school and wonder what you’re going to do after the last bell rings. You know there are things to be done, but you don’t know the priority or the details. All the while the loads of laundry are climbing and the grass is growing taller. You know if you don’t get your bedroom cleaned, it’s not going to be a grand time being grounded, all the while your unfinished homework keeps piling up. You have to figure out a way to compile the things you need to do in one place, but you don’t keep paper around anymore because you use your phone more than anything.

The app Wunderlist is what you’re looking for. This app is available on both Android and Apple platforms. You can use this app for the simple to-do list to keep track of what homework you have left and when it’s due. Wunderlist can be used for people in all stages of life. There are many apps on the market like it, but I believe Wunderlist is the best due to its flexibility and customizable options.

This app has created true and consistent organization for me. If you’re a junior in high school trying to keep track of the mounds of homework and what to study for, this app works for you. If you’re a ministry leader in your church or a business owner with multiple hats in life, this app works for you. You’re able to create categories that specifically fit your needs. Once you create categories, you can start compiling your list and start the organization process. You can set due dates and create reminders to help you stay on track. If you have a repeatable to-do—just something you do on a weekly, monthly or any kind of routine—you just set it in the options to remind that “to-do” is coming up. Wunderlist can be used across all platforms. You can have a desktop version and a mobile version and have it on multiple devices all for the simple price of free. As always, there is a pro version, but you have unlimited tasks and categories with the free version.

We all have multiple plates spinning in life. Some of us have more than others, and some have less. This app has helped me keep my plates spinning, and if they start to wobble, I open up Wunderlist. It helps me make sure I keep everything in priority. In order to be a respectable and dependable person, there needs to be organization in everything you do. We often go through life with the hustle and bustle of just getting stuff done, which is crucial, but are we prioritizing it in the way it really should be? Are we making sure we have our priorities straight by putting work before fun?

Keeping up on your to-dos can help life be simpler. If your parents ask you to do something, but you don’t have time to do it now, simply enter it into Wunderlist. If you have a special time during the day to do devotion and to pray, simply put it into Wunderlist and create a daily reminder just so you stay on track. Keeping your parents happy with doing the chores and remembering the ones needed done is just one way of keeping life simple. It’s also wonderful to keep your relationship with Jesus dependable and devoting time to Him and being reminded to do so.

Whitehill, Seth

Seth Whitehill leads media at TurnPoint Church in Groveport, Ohio and also owns a media production company in Columbus, Ohio. He’s a twenty something who serves God with a passion and loves being a part of the Kingdom.


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