Real McCoys: Class of 2015

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Real McCoy Class of 2015
The Real McCoy Class of 2015 features thirty-six students who raised $117,382.93 for Sheaves for Christ! We honor these amazing students! For more information about the Real McCoy contest, please visit

The Real McCoys below are listed in alphabetical order according to their district:

Alabama Andrea Strang, age 15, $12000, Thomasville, AL
Arkansas Lauren Castile, age 16, $5300, Cabot, AR
Atlantic Shelby Urquhart, age 19, $1101.85, Hatfield Point, NB
British Columbia Daniel Lind, age 16, $1500, Nanaimo, BC
Canadian Plains Caleb Alexander, age 14, $8664.85, Fort McMurray, AB
Connecticut Alex Perry, age 17, $2000, New Haven, CT
Georgia Nikita Duffus, age 16, $2865, Conley, GA
Idaho Abigail Murphy, age 12, $1532.38, Boise, ID
Illinois Michael Fisher, age 16, $5223.63, Cutler, IL
Indiana Emily Russell, age 18, $2035, Muncie, IN
Iowa Hunter Pauley, age 17, $1400, West Des Moines, IA
Kansas Jacob Rose, age 19, $1449.13, Salina, KS
Kentucky Houston Knox, age 14, $2413.83, Madisonville, KY
Louisiana Kristin Whistine, age 18, $6400, Leesville, LA
Maine Daren Dame, age 17, $20101, Jonesport, ME
Maryland Kayla Carlisle, age 18, $1700, Kennedyville, MD
Massachusetts/Rhode Island Daishawn Barros, age 17, $2418, Tiverton, RI
Michigan Hannah Thomason, age 14, $2862, Howell, MI
Minnesota Savanah VanHese, age 15, $1496.49, Columbia Heights, MN
Mississippi McGwire Denmark, age 17, $2339.39, Leakesville, MS
Missouri Anna Drebes, age 17, $5000, Palmyra, MO
North Carolina Loomis Kammerer, age 15, $1237, Jacksonville, NC
Ohio Skyler Blanken, age 15, $1127, Baltimore, OH
Oklahoma Joshua Yadon, age 14, $2275, Noble, OK
Ontario Kailie Galpin, age 12, $1352, Belleville, ON
Oregon Cinthia Ortega, age 20, $1000, Hood River, OR
Pennsylvania Victoria LaBoy, age 15, $1000, Mechanicsburg, PA
South Carolina Robert Poleto, age 25, $1300, Myrtle Beach, SC
South Texas Makayla Buchanan, age 16, $5001, Pasadena, TX
Southern California Gisele Mendoza, age 16, $3700, El Cajon, CA
Texas Shelby J Jones, age 15, $1150, Jasper, TX
Texico Devin Smelser, age 19, $1800, Odessa, TX
Washington Alexis Bennett, age 15, $2232.38, Vancouver, WA
West Virginia Jamison Johnston, age 19, $1670, Ravenswood, WV
Western Kyle Jefferson, age 21, $1300, San Mateo, CA
Wisconsin Jacob Zimmerman, age 17, $1436, Madison, WI

We’re very proud of the students above for their sacrifice and effort to raise funds for Sheaves for Christ. On October 30, these Real McCoy winners from each district across North America were flown into the World Evangelism Center in St. Louis, Missouri for an exclusive weekend with the executives of the General Youth Division. To learn more about the Real McCoy contest, or to apply for next year’s contest, please visit

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