Music Review: Seth Boyte Band, Reach

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We all have our bands we like, each representing their respective genres. Seth Boyte and fellow band members embody all of the above genres and more. You never know what is coming at you next as you listen to either of Seth’s albums, taking the listener on a musical rollercoaster. Acoustic guitars give way to melodic electric solos, harmonious strings make way for rhythms that pierce the silent cries of a baby grand piano, and Seth captivates his audience with a voice that seeps anointing. In May 2006, Seth and his brother Corey produced their first album together, self-titled, “Introducing Seth Boyte”. May of this year introduced the world to the brothers’ second album, entitled “Reach”. Music selections and ordering information may be found at as well as on iTunes and Rhapsody.

Seth and Corey have been writing music for several years—growing up in a pastor’s home, being surrounded by the trials, tribulations, and hardships that only a PK could experience. But even through all of the mud that life threw at them, a beautiful melody of praise and worship arose, piercing this present darkness and ushering the saved and unsaved alike behind the band, while Seth ices the cake with his virtuosic musical talent. In March of this year, Corey received his local license with the United Pentecostal Church, taking his ministry to the next level. The brothers travel around their local section, state, and even the United States, singing, preaching, and seeing lives changed for the Kingdom. These guys have what some people call “the whole package,” being able to go into a service and do everything from the singing to the preaching to the altar call. This past summer they were able to minister in Minnesota and Madison, Mississippi for Bishop Jerry Wayne Dillon, and headlining one morning at Louisiana Senior Camp.

Seth maintains the lead vocals and lead guitars, while Corey plays drums, bass, guitar, and sings background vocals. Other members include Avery Ritchie on acoustic and electric guitar and bass, Thi Newman on organ and keys, and Casey Wells on drums. For booking information, please call (920) 426-1255 or contact Seth via email at

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