The Christian Atheist

Posted by: in Books on June 10th

Book: The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel

Reviewed by: Kara McCool

The title is a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it? Sadly, however, this unsettling oxymoron actually describes the state in which much of Christianity unknowingly lives. According to author and Pastor Craig Groeschel, the Christian atheist is defined as one who believes in God but does not live as if He exists. Craig states, “I know people all over who believe in God, but they don’t fear Him. They believe in God, but they worry all the time. They believe in God, but they never share their faith. They believe in God, but see no value in the local church.” In his book, Craig states that he lived his life as a Christian atheist for many years and missed out on an intimacy with God that only comes through truly knowing Jesus Christ. This timely book serves as a jolting wakeup call to all Christians—new converts students, ministers, and seasoned saints alike—who have found themselves in the rut of routine Christianity, having forgotten the transforming power of true relationship with God. I encourage you to follow Craig’s journey in this book from mundane complacency to life-altering faith and ask yourself, Are you a Christian atheist?

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