Book Review: Refuel

Posted by: in Books on March 15th

Book: Refuel by Doug Fields

Reviewed by: Kara McCool

We all struggle with it. For most of us, it has been an unavoidable part of our Christian walk for as long as we can remember. Much like one of those distant relatives we all have who insists on making every family gathering terribly awkward and uncomfortable. In this case, that unwanted relative is guilt. Every time we manage to steal a moment from life’s craziness to spend some much needed time with God, guilt eagerly awaits, ready to pester us with those all too familiar questions: Where have you been? You should have been here long before now! Are your priorities so messed up that you can’t spend more time with God? Where do you get off thinking you are too busy to make time for prayer? You’re a failure! This is where Doug Fields steps in. His uplifting book, Refuel, valiantly battles against our unrealistic expectations and unwarranted feelings of guilt while freeing us up to enjoy and connect with our readily accessible God! All you have to do is: STOP, BE QUIET, MAKE A CONNECTION. Prayer doesn’t have to be a detailed, multi-paged mental blog we post for God every day. It should be more like our Twitter updates: short, frequent connections made with God throughout our day. You don’t have to feel spiritually drained! Revelation 22:17 states: “And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” I challenge you pick up this book and allow your spiritual thirst to be quenched as you draw from that fount of God’s spirit that never runs dry!

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