Book Review: Thirtyoneanothers

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by Russ Cripps

Reviewed by Kara McCool

How would someone measure his or her personal relationship with Jesus? How could you truly say that you know Him? The Bible doesn’t delineate the length of time that you as an individual should spend daily in prayer and Bible reading in order to classify yourself in that category. Therefore, one has to wonder what the criteria are for knowing the Lord.

When can we say that we know Him? I John 2:3 states, “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.” So … we have the assurance that we truly know our Savior when we keep His commandments. Okay, so there are the criteria.

The first and greatest commandment is, of course, to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. The second is a little too frequently skimmed over: to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. And, oh boy, do we love ourselves! We do whatever we can to make sure that we are happy, taken care of, looked upon highly, and receiving all the praise that we believe is due us every moment of the day. But, do we put in as much energy doing that for others as we do for ourselves?

In Thirtyoneanothers, Russ Cripps endeavors diligently to help us know our Lord through stepping out of ourselves and loving those around us. You’ll go from laughter to conviction in no time flat as Brother Cripps helps you to understand that just as the love of the Lord changed your world, so too can the worlds of those you encounter be forever changed when you let that love shine forth through you!

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