Book Review: Dare to Dream

Posted by: in Books, Our Playlist on December 23rd

Book: Dare to Dream by John Maxwell

Reviewed by: Courtney Christian

Although it is small in stature and thickness, Dare to Dream by John Maxwell houses a wealth of inspiration for any person desiring to accomplish more than mundane goals in their lifetime. Maxwell challenges readers to grasp the child-like tenacity they once had to dream big when setting goals because even the worst outcome of this act—failure—will still lead to unforeseen opportunities of success. Simple yet effective tips are found throughout the book, including the importance of self-awareness and the ability to accept failure as a temporary state, not as a stamp of permanent uselessness. The driving theme of the book is that if we allow ourselves to continually sulk about past failures, we will cheat ourselves out of a future filled with the achievement of realized dreams.

This book is a great read for the average young person because of its short length and difficult-to-miss bolded tips for success; however, I thought there could have been more scriptural references included. All in all, this book is a practical and helpful reference for any person who lacks encouragement to dream beyond their comfort zone.

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