NAYC 2019 Thursday Night

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Welcome to the second night of NAYC 2019.

The doors opened and ushered in thousands into the Dome at America’s Center ready to give the devil a bad night. First, we began with another round of North American talent search and then transitioned into praise and worship.

Bro. Jack Cunnigham preached a prophetic message about generation Z- what he believes is one of the last generations.

You have more power in one finger than all the devils in have added together. You have all the tools you need to change the world. You are old enough, powerful enough and strong enough to be used by God. Do not let the enemy make you believe anything different.

Don’t think you have to be older or more established to make a difference for the kingdom of God. No matter what you’ve been told or what you’ve been thinking, you have everything that is required of you to be used mightly by God.

Bro. Cunningham shared story after story about the miracles he has seen God do from the time he was thirteen. He did not have to wait until he graduated high school or even college to see these things and neither do you.

If you want to be used by God, position yourself for it. Give yourself to prayer. Stay in the Word. Don’t stop serving your pastor. Remember the power that is within you and put it to use. Greater works shall ye do.

You must be willing to say “yes, Lord,” to whatever He calls you to do.

He ended the service by speaking a word of faith over all those in attendance. Many were healed and they announced that over 1,000 received the Holy Ghost for the first time!

God is doing miraculous and amazing things here in St. Louis and all over the world.

See you back here tomorrow for the last day of NAYC 2019.

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