NAYC 2019 Thursday Day

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The split sessions began this morning with Andrew Cox in teen, Kendra Shock in Hyphen, youth workers with Cody Updegrave, and Shay Mann with young ministers.

Rema Duncan preached an invigorating message titled “SQUAD GOALS” during the general session.

He began with scriptures in Genesis mentioning the creation of human beings and how God has intended us to work together since the beginning of time. He created us to be united. This was a common word repeated throughout the sermon that so many of us have heard before.

Psalm 133 expresses the importance of unity and how it is like a precious ointment that represents a blessing directly poured out by God. As Bro. Duncan so eloquently dived into this topic, he spoke on the power of coming together. Coming together in a Godly form, with Godly people that will help us reach a place of worship. One phrase he said that stuck out profoundly was that “we are differentiated, but we are integrated.” To integrate means to combine. There is such a high calling upon this generation to join together, with all of our talents and abilities, all of strengths and weaknesses, and stand together in the fight for faith.

There were three specific things that Bro. Duncan declared were the essential ways we are united. The first one is through purpose; fulfilling our call to establish The Kingdom of God. This is our anthem in the way that we are laboring to bring the whole gospel to the whole world. The second way is through our passion; our burden to reach the lost. Our goal to reach souls should soar considering the power that God has given to us. One comparison Bro. Duncan made was the fact that about 30 students from Minnesota started a P7 group at their school and were able to teach 2500 different people a bible study. The estimated amount of youth and young adults at NAYC 2019 is over 30,000. That’s 2.5 million souls that we could reach if we all stepped into the Kingdom mindset and allowed God to bring us together in unity. “Challenge accepted.”It is our vision to see the promise of God found in Acts 2:38-39 come to pass and that was the third thing that integrates us.

If we can initiate ourselves into this Kingdom as the sweat-soaked, and passionate preacher put it, we will become united and change the destiny of this generation. When there is division, there is desolation. When there is unity, when we come together, there is a power and authority that takes us back to the place God intended for us; to be together. 

We are looking forward to our second night of NAYC 2019 starting at 6:15 with the talent search. See you soon!

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