NAYC 2019 Friday Night Service

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You Can’t Measure a Miracle

It’s hard to believe we have made it to the last service of NAYC 2019. For the last time this year, we gathered into the Dome.

We began service by hearing from so many wonderful facets of our organizations such as Tupelo Children’s Mansion, Sheaves for Christ and North American Missions.

We want to congratulate our North American Talent Search winners. In third place was Ricky Casioce, second place was Jamaican Apostolic Youth and this years winner was West Texas Praise.

Bro. Matthew Tuttle took to the stage and preached from the book of Ephesians 6:12.

Society measures so many areas- money, weight, status, and multiple other things but they cannot measure a miracle. No matter how many things in life you can measure, you cannot measure a miracle. In order to study God, you must be enrolled in the school of faith. You have to devote yourself to praying, fasting and giving.

During service, ushers handed out rulers to everyone in the building. In one accord, all those in attendance broke them in half to signify how a miracle cannot be measured by man.

With over 35,000 in the stadium, he reminded us that though it seems like a lot, this isn’t big. There are over seven billion people in this world and so many that have never heard the name of Jesus. We have stadiums yet to be filled and souls yet to be won. When you leave the city tomorrow make sure you take what you got here home with you. This is only the beginning!

See you Indianapolis, Indiana July 28-30 2021! 

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