NAYC 2019 Friday Day Service

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No matter your level of talent, you are still required to do something with it.

The split sessions began this morning with Amado Huizar in Youth Workers, David K. Bernard with Young Ministers, Jonathan Quinones in the Teen session and Travis Worthington with the Hyphens.

Mark Brown preached “There is a Lad Here” during the general session, a powerful and challenging message for all under the sound of his voice. His main passage was John 6:9 “There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?” Brother Mark Brown gave the call that there was a lad that was called to give all He had to the kingdom of God.

He follows this up with the parable of the talents, found in the Gospels, how they were each given talents of their master according to their ability. When the master returned, he found some successful and one who was afraid and so he hid his talent in an attempt to protect it. The master returned and was furious at what he found, taking the talent and giving it to the ones who invested the talents.

With strong conviction, Bro Brown preached a powerful message that called us out of our desire to measure ourselves against others and to begin USING what talent is given us. He quotes the verse that says “Many are called but few are chosen.” And clarifies that what distinguishes the two are that the chosen are the ones who are diligent about the call.

He left us with the challenge to live our lives like we believe God is returning. You cannot bury that promise or sit waiting for it to come to pass. He spoke to the deep need for our generation to take on a spirit of temperance, to weigh what we see and what we’re involved in. What do we spend our time with? What do we love? Our problem is not time or attention span, but rather appetite.

The altar call was called with a deep burden for a generation to step up and be willing to lead without the need for attention or recognition. It’s not about our kingdom, it’s about His Kingdom. Obedience is better than prominence.

We are looking forward to our last night of NAYC 2019 starting at 6:15pm with the talent search. See you shortly!

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